Twister Marketing
By Marlon Sanders

Step Six:† Suction Power

Now weíre going to get into the good info because weíre going to talk about the processes that actually make you money and put cash in your pocket.† We had to do the first five steps so we could do these.†

Step Six is to generate what we call leads, which are potential new customers.† They are also commonly referred to as prospects and the process is often called prospect generation.

Iím going to give you the low cost methods first.† Reason is, why spend money unless you need to.† If you can use a free method or very low cost one to generate leads, why in the world would you want to waste money on an expensive one?†

So step six is all about generating new prospecting customers and stuffing them into the opening of your funnel.† This is where Twister marketing gets its name.† See youíre going to attract or suck as many new prospects into your funnel as possible then youíre going to extract progressively and increasingly larger amounts of money.

Of course, youíre going to do this by offering ten times more value in return.† So itís all entirely ethical and moral.† But weíre in business to make a profit and to serve our customers.† You donít serve your customers well if you only meet one or two of their needs and drop them.

You serve your customer when youíre able to see them through and help them all the way to the end result theyíre seeking.† Thatís the ideal thing.† You may not always be able to do it.† But itís ideal.

The first method weíre going to talk about is getting free publicity.† Now free publicity means you donít pay for it as you do advertising.† Of course, it does cost you money to get free publicity in that you have to fax things or mail things.† So there are costs involved.† In that sense it isnít free.† But compared to virtually every other method, itís an extremely leveraged way of spending your time and money.

Publicity can be an excellent lead generator and itís a good low cost one to experiment with.† Furthermore, if all you have is one or two low-priced products, itís one of the only ways you can be in business and make a profit.† Usually, a viable business requires expensive or numerous follow up products.

But if youíre able to generate free publicity for your product, because itís so cheap to get, you can actually make a lot of money off just one or two simple products.

I hope you caught that.† If you have several low priced products or only one product, then free publicity is possibly the only way youíll make money.† Ití s certainly the first place Iíd recommend you start your marketing efforts.

One:† Free Publicity

Here are the common problems with most publicity methods

Image building with no immediate response

Takes too long to get results

Time consuming

Too complicated


Requires high level skills

Get unpredictable response

Book on publicity at your bookstore are aimed at big corporations, not entrepreneurs.† And the ones aimed at entrepreneurs still arenít any good.

b.† Benefits of the Twister Marketing Publicity Methods

Generate immediate leads and sales

Get results fast...imagine, itís 11 pm.† You turn on your fax.

Takes 30 minutes to several hours a week

Costs as little as $25 to $50 a week.† The most youíll spend is $300

Low skill level and quick learning curve.

c.† The Lew Williams Method

A press release is a one-page blurb about your product or service that you mail, fax or email to contacts at newspapers, magazines, and newsletters.†

With practice, you should be able to write one in 30 minutes to an hour.† Maybe longer at first.

Four formats in Twister Marketing method

Here's an example

Lew is a good friend of mine.† As I mentioned earlier, he worked with Joe Cossman then went on own with great success.

I market a whole publicity course by Lew.† In his method, he gets publications to print his press release as is.† He doesn't actively solicit an interview with the media sources.† This is good in that the release either gets printed or it doesnít and you donít have to spend any time doing interviews.†

Paul Hartunianís method which weíll discuss in a second takes a different angle.† He uses the end of the publicity release to ask for an interview.† This way he gets longer articles written.† The downside is that you have to take time to do interviews.

Lewís approach is strictly product oriented, and itís very factual.† Hardcore journalism types often donít like splashy or gimmicky approaches but they respond to this nothing but the facts method.

Publicity is a whole course in and of itself.† What I want to do here is turn your onto the right resources and save you wasting your time.† Most of the information on publicity at your bookstore is pretty useless to the entrepreneur.† It has you doing all kinds of puffery stuff that doesnít get you any immediate business.† Itís image building.† Thatís OK once you reach a certain size.† But right now you donít need to be sponsoring tennis matches, or golf tournaments.† Those activities have a valid place in business but they arenít about lead generation.†

The tip sheet method by Elaine Floyd.

My friend Elaine Floyd has written a number of books on newsletters.† Her niche is the business newsletter market.† She uses a method called the tip sheet.† Tip sheets are neat because theyíre subtle.† They provide information a magazine or newsletter will want to print and they slide in a reference to your product or service.† She has obtained tens of thousands of dollars of sales with her publicity methods.

Whatís interesting about Elaineís method is she works in the name of her product and her company name or phone number.† She tried giving away free reports from her publicity but for her business it was too much work and not enough return.† Her books donít have enough profit margin to justify the effort. †If you have a big follow up repeat business (FURB) as weíre going to talk about later, then using publicity to generate leads can be practical.

Here are sample topics for tips sheets:

Dentist:† 5 secrets of smiling like a movie star

Chiropractor:† 6 Cardinal sins to avoid at the airport Ė or your back will pay the consequences

Carpet Cleaner:† 7 ways to prevent carpet stain nightmares

Web Sites:† 5 ways to add sparkle to your web site

Hereís a formula you can use to write your tip sheet.

1.† Put a news angle in the headline

Read trade publications, newsletters, magazines, and newspapers for angles you can hook your news to.†

2.† Begin with a good statistic or trend.† Something factual

3.† Mention the name of your product or business, the price and the main benefit.†

Do this up-front so it doesnít get cut.

4.† Give a quote about why you developed the tips or why thereís a need for them.

This will usually be a quote from you.

5.† Give the tips

6.† Quote a 3rd party...a customer or someone in the industry

7.† Background paragraph of who company is, credibility building.

8.† Who to call for more information.

The same general format with only a few changes applies to Elaineís formula for promoting a book with a news release without using the tips approach.

1.† Put a news angle in the headline

Read trade publications, newsletters, magazines, newspapers for angles you can hook your news to.†

2.† Begin with a good statistic or trend.† Something factual

3.† Mention the name of your product or business, the price and the main benefit.†

Do this upfront so it doesnít get cut.

4.† Give a quote about why you developed the product or why thereís a need for it.

This will usually be a quote from you.

5.† Give the features.

6.† Quote a 3rd party...a customer or someone in the industry

7.† Background paragraph of who company is, credibility building.

8.† Who to call for more information.

Thereís an inexpensive book I recommend that shows the basics of how to write a tip sheet.† Itís called 6 steps to free publicity by Marcia Yudkin.† In Chapter 7 Marcia gives brief but helpful hints on how to put together a tip sheet.

The question is, if you use tip sheets, how do you generate leads?† You can do what Elaine does and just mention your product directly and go for immediate sales.† If you sell a low-priced product like a book, this is the route to take, unless you follow that up with larger sales

Alternatively, you can give readers a reason to contact you.† This will typically be a free report on the same topic that goes in-depth a little more.† Later weíll talk about creating free reports.† The name of the report is extremely important in the response you receive.† You have several response options:

1.† A toll phone number

People have to pay some money to get the report so it qualifies the leads.† The calls can go to voice mail or an answering service.

2.† A toll free number

Doesnít qualify leads.† So it is most appropriate in highly targeted publications where you know that only members of your target market will respond.

3.† An address

I think this cuts out busy people who may be more successful.† OK for a lower strata.

4.† SASE -- self addressed, stamped envelope

Again, rinky dink.† But it depends on who youíre selling to.† Can bes used as a good qualifier.

5.† Web site

This is free to you and a good response option if your target market consists of computer owners.

6.† Small fee

Asking for a little money is a heavy qualifier.† If youíre having problems with junk leads, you can try this.

7.† A fax number

Ask for a faxed business card.† At least you know the respondents have a business card, are willing to give you their phone numbers and they own a fax machine in most cases.† This is a good qualifier for a business audience.

8.† Email address.†

Qualifies people for computer ownership.

The Paul Hartunian method

Paul Hartunian says he has probably gotten over 6 million dollars in publicity.† He has been on the Donahue Show, the Jenny Jones Show, To Tell the Truth, the Regis Philbin Show, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC news, over 1,000 radio talk shows and interviewed by hundreds of newspapers, magazines and newsletters around the world.

Forbes magazine did an article on him that was two full pages...thatís the equivalent of over $105,000 in advertising if he had paid for the space.

He points out that one of the BIG plusses of using publicity is that if people see you in the news it gives you credibility.†

In his system, you need 3 key publicity pieces:

1.† The press release

2.† The bio sheet

3.† A question and answer sheet for interviews.

He says that to get publicity you have to be controversial, a nut, have the next pet rock or solve a problem.† Itís ok to be controversial, have a pet rock, solve problems Ė but donít be a nut.

In Hartunianís system, the only purpose of the press release is to get media to call you for an interview.† Because of his objective, the techniques and rules are different than for the other methods.

He emphasizes the headline and uses ones that make an outrageous, attention-getting claim that he can back up.† For example, ďI can help anyone find the love of their life in 90 days or less.Ē† Heíll often use a controversial headline that infuriates people.

To get ideas, he suggests you listen to the news on the radio and ask how you can hook a headline onto the news story.† The headline is the key.† In the course he spends considerable time taking you through the process of writing a hot headline step-by-step.

The other thing Paul does exceptionally well is talk about how to use electronic distribution of your press releases.† Lew and Elaine usually mail their press releases.† But Paul uses electronic methods extensively.† I believe he looks for a 50/50 mix of electronic to paper distribution.†

Thereís a service on the Internet called Faxaway.† They will fax your press release for you inexpensively if you provide them with the fax numbers.† You can also fax press releases through your computer while you sleep at night.† And all it costs you is 10 or 11 cents per fax, whatever you spend for 1 minute of long distance time.†

So to send out 400 press releases at a dime a minute will cost you 40 bucks.† Imagine the impact on your business if you send out 400 press releases a week!† The cost is certainly right.† Now publicity sources do get tons of faxes.† And yes a lot are thrown away.† But itís like direct mail.† Youíre playing a numbers game.† Check your resource sheet for a phone number.

400 press releases may sound like a lot to you.† But there are thousands and thousands of media contacts.† You probably have 400 publications, at least, in your state alone.† Some cities probably have 100.† So you donít have to promote yourself nationally.† You can just go to your state publications.† Or several states.† Or even just the city you live in.

Youíll want to get on the Internet and type in PR Newswire in a search engine and go to their web site.† If you arenít on the web, then get their phone number in the resource guide.† They will fax out your press release as part of their wire service that goes to publications.† It gives you added credibility.† And I believe it also goes online on the computer, if I remember correctly.† The price is still plenty reasonable.

Paul just faxes the press release initially.† He saves the bio and the Q&A sheet until the media contacts him.†

I wish I could just teach you Paulís whole course, but no one can do it like he can.† He just takes you through everything step-by-step where even a beginner can do it.† Itís all logical, practical and thoroughly explained.† All you need is the publicity sheet, bio and q & a sheet.† So many of the publicity courses and books available make everything complicated.† They have 14 zillion different types of sheets and tools and things you need to create.† Itís just too much hassle and trouble for most entrepreneurs.† Paulís system, in contrast, is very simple and easy to implement.

Where to get the fax numbers

Paul has a disk he sells.† It contains over 14,000 media contacts and fax numbers for a great many of them.† What you do is use your computer to select the fax numbers (takes just several minutes) then fax to your heartís content.† If youíd like a set, send me an email and I'll get Paul's info to you.

The beauty of Paulís system is that itís something you can do.† He makes it simple and practical.† The drawback, and I wouldnít really call it a drawback, but the mass fax approach is more applicable to a broad consumer product than a business one.

Still, you can write a release using his formula, put together a narrower, more focused list and fax away.† You might fax some rounds of press releases blind and then use the methods in The Consultantís Guide to Publicity which Iíll discuss in a second to fax or mail the release with a cover sheet addressed to a specific contact.

One other thing Paul recommends that is sheer genius is to start using The Directory of Small Radio Stations and Newspapers.† Start here until you get comfortable with the process of doing interviews and handling media contacts.† Then, after youíve practiced, you can launch into the big time.

For information on Paulís course, just search on his name Ė Paul Hartunian Ė in any search engine.

The Consultantís Guide to Publicity by Reece A. Franklin

This book is designed obviously for consultants.† It has a lot of good ideas.† The only thing I donít like about it is itís a little too complex for the beginning publicity person.† He has a whole page of publicity pages and tools to produce.† Who has the time!†

Take a bio, press release, q& a sheet, a good photo and maybe one other tool and run with it.† Keep it simple.† The book also overwhelms you with all the choices available in lists.† As Iíve already mentioned, I recommend you start with the Publicity Goldmine Disks and the Directory of Small Radio Stations and Newspapers.

But apart from those two things, if youíre a consultant OR if youíre selling direct to businesses, youíll glean some very useful ideas from this book.

Hereís what I love about free publicity Ė if youíre new in business, you probably donít have a big wad of cash laying around to spend on advertising, marketing and getting customers.† And even if you do, itís probably stupid to spend a lot of it when youíre starting out.† Of course, that depends on your background and experience in the industry.† But publicity lets you get business without spending a fortune.

And if you use the method of faxing or mailing a set number of press releases weekly, pretty soon youíll get your numbers down.† Youíll know what to expect.† Youíll develop a PREDICTABLE SYSTEM.† Youíll know that if you fax out X number of releases, youíll get X calls and those calls will usually result in Y amount of business.† Thereíll be variation.† But youíll get a consistency.

And even if you arenít new in business, even if youíre a veteran entrepreneur, you can use publicity.† In fact, youíll love it even more because you probably hate the high cost of acquiring new customers.†

The Unabashed Self Promoter by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

Jeffrey Lant is a prolific writer and marketer who uses publicity to market his books and his consulting services.† What he does better than anything is write articles for publications.† He swaps out a resource box with his contact information in lieu of being paid cash for the articles.

His definitive work on publicity is called The Unabashed Self-Promoterís Guide. The difference between Lantís book and Elaineís system, Lewís or Paul Hartunianís is that those products take one basic technique and explain it from beginning to end.†

Lantís books has a lot of valuable information in it but it might be overwhelming for the beginner.† He presents a lot of different methods.† And one is lost as to which one to use first and where to start.† But if youíre able to digest a lot of information without getting overwhelmed, youíll find it to be a Goldmine.†

Another positive point of Lantís approach is that itís easily adaptable to your local market area.† You donít have to market nationally or even beyond your city to benefit from his ideas.† Even if youíre a dentist and you just want to reach people locally, you can use Lantís ideas.

If youíre just marketing locally, you can also use another tack.† It isnít a lead generation method but it can boost the income from whatever you do: Use publicity to become famous.† Just by having articles in national publications, being on TV or radio talk shows and such, it lofts your reputation as a problem solving expert or whatever your positioning is.†

If your goal is to become famous, I recommend a book called How to Make Yourself or Anyone Else Famous Ė The secrets of a professional publicist by Gloria Michels.†

Itís a simple approach to the goal anyone can use.† Again, it isnít a lead generation method.† It is image building.† But for some businesses could be quite powerful. †I donít know if the book is published anymore or not.† Check on the web if youíre local bookstore canít order it.† Beyond that, you might try the large used bookstores or Strand used bookstore in New York City.† You may not know but itís the largest used bookstore in the nation.† Or it was the last I heard.† Call information in New York City and ask for the number for Strand used bookstore.

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