Here are my legal disclosures!


By purchasing this product, you express your understanding of and agreement with the following information. If you do not understand the meaning of any of these statements, please send an email to:

If these comments sound excessively legal, I'm sorry.  But to abide by the law, I have to say some of this stuff.  As fantastic as I feel the product is, as terrific as the feedback is, as excited as I am you're buying it, even so, there are a truck full of legal disclaimers i have to make.  

Any and all claims or representations made in this letter are to be considered exceptional results by talented individuals who actually use the information, not the average result of anyone who buys the product. This applies especially to those who buy the product but do not read it, apply it or follow directions only partly. For example, because someone I know gets 10,000 hits a month with a banner program does not mean that everyone who starts a banner program will get 10,000 hits. Nor that the average person will. It means that it's possible. The definition of a "killer marketing letter" is any letter following the formula i present that generates either leads or orders in any amount.

The reference to the amazing formula that sells products like crazy means this formula does so for me and my clients. It does not guarantee nor even imply that you will duplicate my results.  As I explain in the letter, I can't represent that since I don't know you, your products nor your business.   However, what I do guarantee is that if you try my formula as presented and it doesn't work like crazy for you, I will give you triple your money back.  I think that is very fair.   I do not in any way imply that the average person who buys, reads and uses this product will be able to sell products like crazy.  I don't know the people, the products, the businesses, nor the background or skill level of the people who buy this product.  So how could I ever intelligently or accurately represent what the average person will do?

In the cases where I cite dollar amounts or marketing results made by friends or people I know, I have not validated those figures nor do I have a way of doing so since these businesses are usually not public.  However, based on what I have personally observed I have every reason to believe the information or figures are reasonably accurate.

Any statistics quoted in this letter are based on third party research. Because i quote a statistic does not necessarily mean I have validated that particular piece of information in my business or in the businesses of my customers. Having said that, these statistics are commonly held as true by the peers I associate with in this business.

Testimonials: the testimonials in this letter represent the unique experiences of talented individuals and do not indicate you will or even can accomplish a similar result. Because someone else makes $2,000 or $10,000 or $30,000 does not mean you can or will. All figures represent gross sales unless otherwise stated.  Jonathan Mizel and Declan Dunn are business friends of Marlon Sanders.   A few of the testimonial people received a free report in exchange for giving me their comments -- positive or negative.

As for creating your own products in 2-10 hours, this is the amount of time it has taken me and a few of my friends.  I can't imagine it taking longer than that if you follow my formula.  But that doesn't mean in any way that it won't.  Again, I don't know the average person who buys this product so i don't know what they're capable of accomplishing.

I do not in any way make any claims about the amount of time it will take someone to implement the formula as a whole.  People vary enormously in the rate at which they learn and work.

Uniqueness of formula: this is to be taken in the sense that while others may teach similar ideas or steps, my formula follows a unique sequence that was developed by me. It is the sequence of steps that is proprietary and not necessarily the content of any or all the steps. Furthermore, my formula has been tweaked for online marketing. And to my knowledge, it is the most specific formula created for online marketing letters. In addition, any differentiation of my formula from those presented by others constitutes a "unique" formula.


Refund policy

The triple-your-money-back guarantee is dependent on your trying out the steps of the formula.  It is a limited guarantee in this regard.  You are required to show that you made an effort to follow the formula and that you read the product.  I do not give refunds to people who "don't like the product" or whatever.  It's a digital product.  To prevent   unscrupulous people from ordering the product and then immediately requesting a refund, thus ripping off my proprietary intellectual content, I have instituted the requirement of at least giving the formula a fair shot.  This involves doing a very simple market survey and making a basic attempt to follow my formula.  Nothing arduous but enough to show you're sincere and not just out for a freebie.  What I'm looking for is a show of good faith.  This involves the simple product survey which you can do without investment.  And it involves telling me the basics of your target market, where you're going to advertise and crafting sales info according to the formula i give you.

You do not actually have to run ads to receive the 3x refund.
I only allow one refund per family, customer, corporation or entity.  In the event of a question of fraud, I will give a money back guarantee but not a triple-your-money-back.

On the reseller program,  I don't know yet if purchasing the product is required to become a reseller.  I'm checking this out with legal counsel.  Currently, I simply offer the reseller program as a free bonus.   There is no charge for becoming a reseller in that regard.  If you want to resell the program but for whatever reasons don't want to buy it, send an email to:  When legal counsel gives me an opinion, I'll inform you of the results.

The free bonus offer does not in any way constitute a limited time offer.  What it states is that I only guarantee the bonuses if you order prior to a certain date.  That does not mean you won't receive the bonuses after that date.  Only that I won't guarantee it unless I change the date.   Residents of Ohio will receive the bonuses after that date.

All information is provided for educational purposes only and may or may not represent factual information.

Common sense: you recognize that all marketing and any business endeavour encompasses risk. You freely and of your own will risk any and all capital you may choose to spend implementing the formula and concepts. You will do so with skill and common sense. You will not hold higher response marketing inc. Nor Marlon Sanders liable or accountable in any way for any failure of the formula to live up to your expectations.

In short, let me sum up this way: you're an adult and I'm an adult. I'm sharing information based on my experiences, those of my friends and that which I've learned. You'll use your own brainpower to implement these methods at your own risk.   I do not represent that any of the claims made in this letter are indicative of what the average buyer will be able to do, assuming they follow my advice and instructions, nor do I represent that enough information is contained in this product to allow the average buyer to sell products like crazy.

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