Special Offer: Grab the "Lazy
Person's Way To
Make Money With
Digital Products -- Potentially"

You don't have to write the products
You don't have to write the sales letters
You don't have to design web sites
You don't have to learn cgi
You don't have to do customer service
You get OTHERS to do the grunt work for you

Dear Friend,

I confess.

I'm lazy. (shhhhhhh)! I hate to admit it but it's true. Most days I sleep late, stay up late and goof off much of the day. I take part of the summer off most summers.

Yet, my bank deposits aren't bad.

Here are some recent monthly deposits. And frankly, I consider a number of these bad months. I could certainly do much better if I wanted to put in 8 hours of true work a day.

These are deposits I make largely by selling my information products on and off the Net. These are NOT indicative of average results nor a representation that you or others can or will make substantial income.  However, these are MY results.

How Would You Like To Have Monthly Bank Deposits Like These?


If you aren't making deposits in your bank account like this, maybe you're working too hard. Way too hard. Of course, these are gross sales and not net. But they're still pretty exciting, wouldn't you say?

If you're trying to do it all yourself, you're seriously limiting your income, you could be damaging your health, and besides all that -- it's just flat out dumb.

Over the past two years, we've done the hard part. We've created the "wheel." We're going to give it to you literally on a silver platter with a ribbon tied around it!

Let me give you the BIG SECRET to making money in this business. It's going to hack some people off that I'm telling you this. But it's the truth.

You need to create or acquire your own products to sell.

Promoting associate programs alone doesn't hack it.

Buying reprint rights alone doesn't hack it.

Selling other people's products alone doesn't hack it.

You MUST acquire the EXCLUSIVE rights to your own products or create them. We prefer creating our own for a number of reasons I'll explain later.

The big obstacle is TIME, though. Isn't it?

You don't have the TIME to write your own products, do you?

It's a lot of work to do all that. Then create the web pages, reseller program, tools, sales letters and everything. Frankly, that's why so many people procrastinate doing it. Which is good news to you because it really limits the number of competitors you'll have.

Why do I insist that you need to have your own products instead of say buying reprint rights? Here's why. You want to have dozens, hundreds or thousands of your own associates and resellers selling your products for you.

Or, alternatively, you can sell reprint rights to your products like some of the big players in our industry do.

There's no hotter seller than reprint rights in the current environment.

Why not just buy reprint rights and sell them yourself? Leverage. Then, your income is dependent on what you alone can sell. It's much better to have dozens, hundreds or thousands of other people selling products for you.

Plus, with reprint rights, you're competing against all the other owners of reprint rights. Don't get me wrong. There's nothing bad about reprint rights. Some people make a lot of money with them. On the other hand, there's an old saying in this industry. "Sell your products while you can then after the sales die out, sell the reprint rights."

My personal philosophy is to use reprint rights as follow-up products to existing customers. I believe you need to own exclusive rights to the products you sell on the front-end of your business. (If you don't understand front-end and back-end marketing, you need to check out: The Cash Like Clockwork System.)

If you follow our business, you know we're prolific and produce lots of products on a consistent basis. How do we do it?

Systems. Have you ever heard of the book "Emyth" by Michael Gerber? If you haven't, you should definitely get it.

What Gerber says is that you need systems for your business so it runs by itself without you doing all the work. Most people creating ebooks and digital products are working too hard. The ONLY way to keep from being an employee and slave to your own business is by having systems other people can operate.

I've spent several years putting my systems together for my business. In this letter I'm offering to sell you several years of my life for a song and a dance. If you don't like working hard, if you don't like writing, if you don't know html, if you don't want to be the cook, cleaner and bottle washer of your own business, then what I have to say could save you several years of your life, tens of thousands of dollars in trying to reinvent the wheel and give your business and income a giant jump start.

Let's be honest about this business. That's something I find way too little of online. Honesty. People make it sound like all fun and games. And it is fun. But it can also be work. A lot of hard work. And if you try to do it all yourself, you may never get your products out. And you'll absolutely get them out at a much slower pace than you could if you were smartly, intelligently and efficiently utilizing the services of other people.

In other words, what I do is farm out or "outsource" everything I don't like, don't have time for or am not good at. The biggest mistake people make is trying to do things they hate. Why? Because if you hate it or don't like it, what are you likely going to do?

Procrastinate, right?

And if you procrastinate, you never get your products out. No products equal no income.

Let me tell you something most people never understand:

Not every product is a winner for anyone. In fact, most marketers have 1 out of 7 products turn into true winners. Our own statistics are more like 1 in 4. Of course, virtually all our products are profitable in that they are digitally delivered.

But to get real winners, you have to get a number of products out there. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Well, it can be and is IF you try to be superman or superwoman and do it all yourself.

* Screw doing html if you don't know it or don't like doing it.
* Screw writing if you aren't good at it or don't want to do it.
* Screw doing CGI or PHP or any other "alphabet language" -- if you really don't want to learn it for yourself.

The only way you make money in this business is by having a product or service people pay you money for. They want your product or service more than they want the money. You can't make money if you can't deliver a product or a service.

Everybody is all hung up on creating products. Most people feel they can't do it. And if they could do it, it's too much hard work. Most people never create a product because they feel they aren't an expert at anything.

Get over it!

If you aren't an expert, hire an expert to produce content for you.

If you don't know html, hire someone who does.

If you can't produce banner ads, hire someone who can.

"But Marlon, isn't that going to cost me an arm and a leg?"

That's the great thing!


We have a service we use that gets us help at incredibly affordable rates. I've used this service to hire designers, customer service staff, programmers, everybody you can think of.

Whatever you're budget, chances are you can find someone who is willing to work at that rate. Why? Because we hire people from around the world. While $5.00 U.S. or 5 pounds doesn't sound like much, in some countries the average person only makes $50 per month. For them, $20 or $50 for a project is great money.

My point is, you CAN get affordable help. And you do NOT have to hire out everything. What you do is hire out the things that are ...

Stopping you!

Everyone I talk to just about can't get products out. Why? Because something is stopping them. It's writing. It's html. It's the sales letter.

And instead of hiring out that work for embarrassingly small amounts of money, instead they doggedly insist on doing everything themselves to save a dime.

Nothing could be dumber because the product never gets out. Or it gets out way after the optimal time when it should've been released.

Now you may be thinking....

"Marlon, I already know that. I wasn't born yesterday you know.
Why the heck do I need your latest thingymajig?"

Good question. I'll answer that right now.


That's why.

Unless you have all the time you need to do it all yourself, to write the products, write the sales letters, design the web pages, design your logo, design banners for your resellers, write articles for ezines, create pop-ups, hold reseller contests, do your customer service, create download pages, compile exe's and ebooks -- and everything else that is required to do this business -- then you not only need my latest invention, you gotta have it.


Because you're costing yourself a potential fortune without it. That's why.

"But Marlon, I'm making my money promoting other people's associate programs. Why do I need my own products?"

Here's why. Ask yourself one question: Do you want to be on the top or the bottom of the food chain? Do you want dozens, hundreds or thousands of people selling products for you, making you money? Or do you want to be on the bottom of the good chain, selling other people's products and making them rich?"

The answer is that you want to be the one with the product that other people sell.

"But Marlon, I had a friend who created a product and no one buys it. YOU can do that but can I really do it? I just don't think it will work for me"

Here's what I have to say about that.

1. It takes up to 7 tries to hit a product that is a big winner. Not all my products are winners. In fact, only 1 our of 4 is what I call a big winner. There will be 1 or 2 of the other 4 products that sells mediocre. And there will often be 1 out of 4 products that doesn't sell well at all. This is EXACTLY why you need my systems. So you can crank out products in volume without killing yourself.

Literally, before we developed our systems, my staff and I almost drove ourselves into the ground. I couldn't sleep at night because my body was so stressed out. It was insane. We HAD to develop our systems for our own sanity.

2. Most people have sales letters that suck. They either need to use our pushbuttonletters.com product and study our ad copy course, or they need to hire a copywriter. That's part of what we show you how to do. Sales are caused by a hot sales letter that makes a compelling offer to qualified traffic.

Everyone wants to know where to get traffic. The best way to get traffic for most people is with an associate program. Yet, if you don't have your own products, you can't start your own associate program. So now you're left with buying traffic and so forth. That can get expensive really fast if the traffic doesn't convert. That is, if the advertising doesn't deliver eyeballs to your site who buy.

3. Most people create a product without having what's called a Unique Selling Proposition. That is, benefits to the product or service that differentiate it from the competition. This is a method I teach in my marketing courses like Cash Like Clockwork. There's no substitute for learning the basics of marketing. If you haven't mastered the fundamentals of marketing, I really recommend you get the Cash Like Clockwork course. My 8 CD Digital Product Creation System is awesome. But it doesn't replace a marketing education.

4. Understand that ultimately there are no guarantees. Business -- any business -- involves risk. If you can't tolerate risk, don't play the game. At the same time, we do everything we can in Cash Like Clockwork to show you where the landmines are and how to avoid them. We know what the landmines are. We know how to get around them.

Marlon, I'm not an expert in anything.
How am I going to create a product?

I cover this question a lot more in Cash Like Clockwork. But let me give you a quick answer here. There are four things you can do:

1. Hire an expert to create the content for you.

That's what the Digital Product Creation System will show you how to do. How to hire writers, freelancers and support staff to do stuff like this for you.

2. Create your product by interviewing experts

Experts like to be interviewed because it gives them a chance to become more visible with potential clients. But what do you care as long as you're getting a product out of it? I've seen a number of products that are nothing more than interviews with experts. These may be audio, video or written interviews. You can even do audio interviews and then have them transcribed.

3. Compile your own products

There's a whole category of products that are called compilations. Go to http://www.lesko.com and you'll see prime examples of compilation products. These products are not "how to" information. They are more compilations of resources. You can hire other people to create compilation products for you since they don't depend on your own personality.

4. Write about what you know

Don't discount your experience. An expert is someone who has written a book (or ebook) on a topic. That's all an expert is. In our society, you are viewed as an expert by virtue of the fact that you have written a book on the topic. It's crazy but true.

If you need more help with this process, consult Cash Like Clockwork.

Here's what we do in the Digital Product Creation System. We show you exactly how we hire freelancers and give them assignments so they're done the way we want them done.

We give you 3 things:

1. Ads to run online to hire freelancers to do the work

Instead of having to write these ads from scratch, we'll give you the ones that have worked for us. Sometimes we have to run 3 or 4 different ads to get one that works. You get our best ads.

2. Our work assignments

For each function or role, we write out instructions. In some cases, these are extremely detailed. It took us a lot of work and time to put these together. Some assignments took us a day or two to put together. I can tell you, it was a ton of work to write all these.

3. Our videos that show the freelancer EXACTLY how to do what we want done.

We created 51 videos that show your freelancers exactly how to do what you want done. Now, if you want to do the task yourself, you can watch the video and then do it yourself. Or you can hire a freelancer to do it for you.

Listen: No one has anything like this. Don't fool yourself. We pioneered this system. We will have copycatters and so forth. But nothing will match the original.

Oh, and something else. Please don't confuse any old videos with our video system. Anyone with basic software can create videos on a topic. But what value are they? What's on them? How useful are they? Don't get fooled because someone offers you a "BUNCHO" videos. Big deal. What's the value? That's the issue.

What's more, we give you much more than just videos. Remember, there are 3 parts.

One is the ads to hire the freelancers, the people to do the work for you. These are our tested, proven ads.

Two, there is the work assignments or "tracks" as we refer to them. We call them tracks because they give the people you hire a track to run on.

Three, there are the videos themselves.

Four, we haven't talked about it yet but there is our massive customer service knowledgebase, which is worth a massive amount of time savings just to see how we slash our customer service time to the bone. We have put in place systems I've not seen anywhere else. These save us a fortune and do a great deal to make our customers happier, increase their loyalty, purchase satisfaction and ultimately increase repeat business.

Our own learning curve in putting these systems together was two years. How much do you value your time? Do you really have time to go through the learning curve we did? Do you have time to burn? To waste?

The interesting thing about information products is this:

Some people say, "Oh Marlon, I can't pay that. That's expensive." But it's only a fraction of the potential cost of NOT having the information or systems. If you think education is expensive, calculate the price of ignorance. It's many times more costly.

And, of course, there's the male macho thing where you think you need to figure everything out yourself. "I don't need anyone telling me what to do or how to do it!" Yeah, you CAN figure it out yourself, reinvent the wheel. But at what cost? Can you afford to pay that price?

What we've assembled is a step-by-step checklist with ads, videos, every single freakin' step we go through in the creation of new digitally delivered products (ebooks and software).

This process has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's worth its weight in gold to us. There are days when I swear to sell this system for more because it's just too cheap. It's worth at least $10,000. Maybe I'll sell it for that some day in the future but right now, as my special holiday season gift, I'm cutting the price WAY down. What you'll end up paying through this holiday special are ROCK BOTTOM prices!

Marlon, why do I need to create products?
Can't I just buy reprint rights?

There's nothing wrong with reprint rights. But in my opinion they are best used as a product to sell to your existing customers. The problem with reprint rights as a front-end product is that you have to compete with other reprint rights sellers. And some programs restrict you from selling the products via an associate program.

What you need to do is either acquire exclusive rights to a product or create your own. I advocate creating your own. One, you can create the ideal product for your niche or target market.

Two, you don't spend 6 months or a year negotiating down to the last dime. Time is money.

Three, you control your future. It isn't dependent on whether or not someone else does or does not give you the deal you're seeking.

Marlon, do digital products still sell?

Yes, digital products and ebooks still sell up a storm. It's true that the price you can get for an ebook has, in general, gone down. Right now, it's easiest to sell products for $50 and less. But think about this: You still don't have to print a book or pay a commission to bookstores! Anyway you slice it, ebooks and digital products are still a sweet deal.

People will always buy ebooks. Why? Because they value is in the information itself, not in the format it's delivered in.

What's more, if you decide to print books, do CD's, or pursue other formats for information products, you can adapt the systems we give you in the Digital Product Cash System to that format. You have dozens of examples of ads, work assignments and videos. Using our examples, you can create your own systems for whatever direction you pursue.

Basically, what I'm saying is that with the Digital Product Cash System, there are no excuses left. Whatever you can't do, don't know how to do or don't want to do, you can get someone else to do it for you at a reasonable cost. And sometimes at a bargain-basement price.

The main thing is to GET IT DONE.

You've probably heard the story of how Alexander the Great (as I recall) landed on an island he wanted to conquer. Then he set fire to the ships. His army had no exit. No retreat. It was win or die.

Well, in a way the Digital Product Cash System burns the ships for you because it removes all the excuses to not get it done. There is only one thing left. And that is to get it done.

Marlon, I'm totally stumped.
What products am I going to create anyway?

Coming up with product ideas is something we cover in depth in Cash Like Clockwork. But here are a few tips:

1. Look at products that sell offline and sell them online.

Look at the ads in the back of magazines. Look for products that have been selling well for a long time. Then create your own version of that product and sell it online.

2. Look at products that are currently selling well online

Create your own super-duper version of the product. If it sells for others, why won't it sell for you?

3. Combine two or three hot sellers

Let's say you see two or three products that are selling well. Combine the products into one super product. My friend Anthony Blake is fond of calling it "creating a product on steroids." You create a new version that is similar to the existing ones but on steroids. In other words, supercharged.

4. Do a 12-product survey

This is the method I teach in Cash Like Clockwork, The Amazing Formula and Gimme My Money Now. It's a proven way to find products people want.

Marlon, will I make money in this business guaranteed?

What we do is give you the systems that work for us. But there are no guarantees in business and in life. If you want security, perhaps you should get a job. On the other hand, nowadays jobs aren't secure either. See what I'm saying? I can tell you this. I'm confident that our systems go a long way towards putting all the odds of success in your favor.

The biggest risk people take is that of inaction. They never do anything. So they never get one product created. They never even get out of the stands onto the playing field. With my system you remove all the obstacles to becoming a player.

By the way, the numbers I gave at the top are in no way indicative of average performance of a buyer of this product. If you take one arm and stick it in hot water, stick the other in freezing water, on average you're comfortable!

I'm broke. How much money will this take?

If you're broke, I recommend you get our ebook How to Go From Broke to Prosperity.

The Digital Product Creation system does take money to hire people. How much depends on how many of the tasks you do yourself and how many you hire out. Of course, even if you do all the tasks yourself, with the instructions and videos in the system, you will definitely make a lot faster progress than without them. As far as I'm concerned, they're tools we couldn't live without in our business. I'm certain you'll feel the same way. If you can't afford to purchase the system, you can't afford to use it. On the other hand, can you afford NOT to use it? Only you can answer that question.

Here's a sample of some of the videos and written instructional systems we've put onto this amazing series of CD's.

Video: Posting New Project to Elance.

Video: Review Elance Bids & Choose Provider

Video: Working with Elance Providers to Get Your Job Done

Video: Paying Elance Providers For The Projects They Complete

Video: Registering a Domain Name at Dotster.com

Video: How to change the DNS via Dotster.com to Activate Your Web Site

Video: Password Protecting Directories for Product Delivery

Video: Copy & Paste your information into product template

Video: White Space Removal (This just has to go!)

Video: How to FTP Your Files to Your Server

Video: Creating an .exe Ebook with "EbookEditPro"

Video: Creating an .exe Ebook with "EbookGeneratorPro"

Video: Creating an .exe Ebook with "Web Packer"

Video: Creating An .exe Ebook with "Hypermaker"

Video: Creating Simple PDF Files for Mac Users

Video: Creating a Download Page to Deliver Your Ebooks.

Video: Proofreading Your Ebook For a Professional Image

Video: Adding "Instant Customer Service" Live Chat Code to Your Web Site

Video: Adding Web Trends Live Code to Track Every Single Visitor You Get

Video: Adding On Entrance Pop Up Window to Build Your Opt-in List.

Video: Autoresponder Series - Signing Up for Account

Video: Creating Banner Ads to Promote Your Products

Video: Uploading Your Ebooks to Digitally Deliver To Your Customers

There are 51 step by step videos in total!

That's just a sample. Lisa had to buy a new hard drive in order to create the videos. The raw files took up over 3 gigs of space.  We had to figure out tricks that I don't think anyone else knows about the software program we used to pull this off.

Now, we've got the videos packed down into much smaller files and burned onto CD's in Windows Media Format. (You'll get 3 additional CD's with the videos in .zip format for quick and easy distribution to your assistants!)

It's awesome.  Simply awesome.  And I can say that without hype or exaggeration.  This was a massive, daunting task to undertake if you can imagine.

Here's the level of detail we went to:

Dreamweaver is a great HTML program.  But it has the weird glitch where the height tags set a certain way and it makes your page run too long and you end up with all this annoying extra white space on the bottom of your web pages. I'm sure they'll fix it in future versions... But for now, this tag has to be changed manually.

Well, we created a video that shows someone how to fix the height tags. 

Boom!  Boom! Boom!  It's done.  And you didn't have to know a lick of html code to get it done.  It's a manger's and entrepreneur's dream.

Very specific detailed stuff like that and that's just one example of the 51 total videos you get.  No one has ever come anywhere remotely close to assembling a system this thorough, detailed, powerful and useful.

Let me tell you.

This is one wheel you really don't want to try and reinvent. It was … well … a b*tch creating these videos.  That's the only word I can of that fits the task.  See. The one system we're still working on is videos to train someone how to create videos for us!

That's a work in progress.

Here's some additional material you receive on two special bonus CD's:

20 prewritten Eudora (and 20 prewritten Outlook) Stationary Files that you drop right into your email program.

These are actual stationary files with 100% CUSTOMIZABLE FIELDS that can be used for any business.

Use these to respond to Customer Inquiries for such things as:

  • Refund Requests
  • Spam Complaints
  • Digital Download Problems
  • Associate Program Inquiries
  • Acrobat Reader Troubleshooting
  • Duplicate Charge Notification
  • Back end product offers
  • Fax Order Instructions Login Problems
  • Mailing List Removal Confirmation
  • Downloading for MAC users
  • Standard Request for Mailing Address
  • Notification of Username/Password change
  • Purchase Follow Ups
  • Failed Order Notices
  • Multiple Vendor Support Request Templates
  • Joint Venture/Proposal Responses
  • And more!

Real Examples, (plus customizable template) of the top 20 customer support Questions & Answers we receive:

Use the customizable template to quickly create your own top 20 Q & A list or train your freelance workers to get them up to speed in a hurry!

Guidelines for providing confidential company information:

Use these guidelines to safely provide confidential information to your freelance workers as they work their way through your Product Creation checklist.

Special 4 Video Collection for instant Eudora email program training:

This special video collection shows you or your freelance workers exactly how to use Eudora. Helps reduce the learning curve.

Email Support Knowledge Base:

We've compiled months of customer support inquiries into a training database for freelance workers. Includes real responses to refund requests, product inquiries, associate program inquiries, downloading problems, ordering problems, and numerous other topics.

Use the structure of this knowledge base to create your own system quickly and easily, or provide access to your own virtual workers as a training tool.

Customer Support Live Chat Knowledge Base:

This special knowledge base setup allows for easy access to a variety of questions and answers to be used for chat training. Use this model to create your own Human Click chat database.

Sample Elance (Freelance Worker) Project Postings:

The data in the spreadsheet(s) provide you with access to some of our existing project postings, project descriptions, real bids from providers, and other helpful information.

(Provided in both Excel and Microsoft Works format.)

Projects include:

Posting for: Direct Response Email Letters
Posting for: Add Zip to our Ebook Pages
Posting for: Brief Interviews by Phone
Posting for: Broken Links Fixed
Posting for: Create Written Audio Success Stories
Posting for: Design Ebook Pages
Posting for: Ebook Designer Needed
Posting for: Ebook Created from Audio
Posting for: Elance Personnel Screening, Hiring, and Communicating
Posting for: Event Advice and Organizer
Posting for: File Copyright on Ebooks
Posting for: Good Phone Personality Needed
Posting for: High Click Banner Ads Needed
Posting for: Hot Web Design Needed
Posting for: Recruitment Function Sales Team Management
Posting for: Seminar Coordinator
Posting for: Specific Invite Project Only
Posting for: Stats Entry into Software Program
Posting for: Survey Design and Programming
Posting for: Virtual Assistant for Daytime Help
Posting for: Weekly Sales Meetings
Posting for: Workbook Presentation and Graphics Needed

Pre-written Elance Provider "Tracks" that show you exactly how to provide instructions to get your projects done right, and on time!

Instructions for: Submitting to Associate Program Directories
Instructions for: Welcoming New Associates to the Program
Instructions for: Creating High Click through Banner Ads
Instructions for: Confirming Customers Orders by Telephone
Instructions for: Creating Download Pages using specific Template
Instructions for: Designing Ebook Covers
Instructions for: Designing Ebook Page Templates
Instructions for: Compiling PDF Files from HTML Pages
Instructions for: Outline showing Production Flow for Ebook Creation
Instructions for: Reformatting Digital Ebooks Pages into New Template
Instructions for: Adding and Customizing the Web Trends Live Tag

Special 3 video series bonus - How to Create Full Page Ads:

Shows you step by step how to create stunning full page ads, with real examples included.

Video length is nearly one hour in total. No details are omitted. All 100% step by step! (Requires you or your freelance worker have Adobe Photoshop)

Special 2 video series bonus - How to Create 3D Product Box Packaging:

If you want to create 3D product boxes, you'll love this step by step video instruction course. Video length is nearly one hour in total. No details are omitted. All 100% step by step!
(Requires you or your freelance worker have Adobe Photoshop)

Also included:

Printable Blank Checklist for additional company specific instructions
Example banners (includes the most popular industry standard sizes)
Example "Order Buttons" or text "Order Links" to use on your site
Easy to access Resources Ebook

Anyway, let's go back to the big picture.  You want to make money selling e-books and training courses online?

Then you've got to have products to sell, right? And either YOU have got to be the cook, cashier, bottle washer, and waitress or waiter.  Or you've got to get yourself some help.

So I gotta ask you the question.

Do you want to be the cook, cleaner, waiter/waitress, and bottle washer?

Well do you?

I hardly think so.  In fact, I hope not.  Because it'll kill you trying to do all the work yourself.  What's more, hiring help without a system to give them is an absolute boondoggle.  That's a Texas word for "big mess."

Just hiring help, whether as employees or freelancers, is NOT the answer.

The answer is a system.  A management system.  A way to get the work done with the absolute smallest investment of your own personal time and get the work completed the way you want it done.

Without a system it's almost impossible to get duplicatable, consistent results.  In short, I've been there, tried that, done that …

And it sucks.

There is only one way out that I know of.

Videos and detailed step-by-step instructions as required.  That's the solution.  The answer.

That's what we've designed, created and assembled for you at considerable cost, investment of time, and great agony.

What's more, we give it to you on a silver platter with a pretty red ribbon wrapped around it.


Here's a picture of the system . . .

Now, here are the caveats or general things that my legal counsel says I've gotta say:

You may or may not make money with your products.  My other products show you how to target markets, test ideas and so forth.

These CD's are NOT about marketing, although they do assist you in creating marketing tools.  They ARE about creating your products and services.

The other thing you should know, of course, is that anytime you hire people, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  That's part of business and life.  This system is only a tool.  You still need a healthy dose of common sense, business savvy, ambition, intelligence, and so forth.  There are many attributes and factors that make up successful accomplishment.

Oh, just one other little disclaimer or whatever you want to call it.  I assume you know I can't give you contracts to use because I am not a lawyer.  But elance.com has some pretty good ones you can use.  Or you can use your own.

OK.  That about wraps it up.

I'm sure along the way people will imitate and try to knock off our Digital Product Creation system. 

Please don't be fooled by those endeavors.  I originated this product, and these concepts.  You get what you pay for.

One last thing:  THE PRICE! 

I guess I forget to mention that because to me, it's a non-issue.  Why?  Because how much is your time and your life worth?

If it's worth much at all, you'll realize the massive amounts of time these videos will save you.  We get so much more done now that we have this video system.

The price for the Digital Product System is $297.90.

Let's put the original $297.90 price into perspective.

Let's say for sake of example only that as a result of using the video system, you create only one product you can sell for $97.00. 

If you ONLY create one product for $97.00 and only sell 50 -- one a day for a month and half -- then you've more than TRIPLED YOUR MONEY 5 TIMES OVER.

And honestly, if you aren't 100% sure you can do that, please do not buy THIS product. You'll need to start with my "Cash-Like-Clock" system. 

You MUST Qualify

In fact, I feel so strongly about that I've decided you need to apply to get into this system.  I'm not going to accept people I don't feel 100% sure can create and sell 100 copies of a product.

It just wouldn't be right.  I'm not here to take people's money.  I'm here to support, enhance and add to your money-making endeavors.

That's it.  I'm done and you're ready.  Ready to start a tremendous new adventure as an automated digital entrepreneur.

Best wishes,
Marlon Sanders

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